Reviews of Third Story

Third Story Elevates Packed House at 98 Bottles

Robert Bush, San Diego Reader

This is a remarkably balanced group of top-flight, adventurous improvisers exploring a rich vein of imaginative themes and original material.
. . . the future of the music seems bright with cats like these at the helm..

Third Story has musical tales to tell

George Varga, San Diego Union Tribune

"While there are strong solos throughout Third Story’s 10-song album, it is the group’s ensemble work — crisp and fluid, moody but carefully calibrated — that most impresses."

Danny Weller, Jeff Miles, Joshua White, Jens Kuross deliver "Third Story"

Robert Bush, San Diego Reader

"This is a very strong record by four guys nearing their full potential, which figures to have an unlimited upside. Beautiful recording--everyone sounds terrific and the mix is crystal clear."

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