Joshua White

Since his 2nd place honors at the 2011 Thelonious Monk Competition, Joshua has surfaced as a new force in modern jazz. He began formal piano training at the age of seven, and three years later was playing organ and piano for the Encanto Southern Baptist Church in San Diego. His early piano playing was heavily influenced by the piano works of Bach, Beethoven and Chopin, but also by Gospel music from artists such as Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin, and the Mississippi Mass Choir. His love of jazz began in 2005, when Joshua attended the UC San Diego Summer Jazz Camp and was exposed to pianists Mike Wofford and Eric Reed.

Joshua has performed and recorded with artists such as Gilbert Castellanos, Mark Dresser, Charles MacPherson, Marshall Hawkins, and Daniel Jackson. Recordings of Joshua include “The Time is Now,” a release by Karin Carson which features a rhythm section of Josh, Christian McBride and Gregory Hutchinson. Since his recent accomplishment at the 2011 Monk Competition, Joshua has gained national attention, receiving praise for his performance from the NY Times and Jazz Times.

Joshua’s contribution to Third Story is irreplacable; his compositions provide for some of the band’s finest moments, and his performance borrows from Wayne Shorter’s sense of continual melody, Richard Davis’ rhythmic freedom, Duke Ellington’s hard swing, and Tony Williams’ absolute insistence of textures and colors. His playing facilitates the direction of the music, all the while supporting and creating.