Do you read your favorite book over and over again? Stare repeatedly at one brilliant work of art? How about giving a music recording another spin? During the first listen, you might recognize the style of music and get a general sense of the sound. During the second listen, you gain a stronger understanding of the structure of the music, when sections begin or end, and what instruments are playing.

The third time around tells a different story.

All of a sudden, melodies become recognizable, broader shapes and forms begin to appear, and shifts in the color of harmonies become clearer. It’s that melodic recognition, that clarity of the broader scope for which Third Story reaches.

Danny, Jeff and Joshua grew up in San Diego, although Jeff and Danny have since moved to Brooklyn, NY. Danny met Josh at the UCSD Jazz Camp, and Jeff in Boston while attending New England Conservatory (Jeff went to school at Berklee, right down the street). The three matured musically within close proximity to each other, and often collaborated on arrangements of new original music. Since 2008, the band would rejoin in San Diego during the holidays to put on highly-anticipated, once-yearly performances, but it wasn't until 2011 that they would record their first collaborative album: Third Story.

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